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January 18, 2011



It's interesting, the whole thing about weighing yourself, how often one does it and how the data is used, i.e. does one freak out or is one able to 'just' observe.

I have a close friend who has no eating or weight issues, but who is obsessed by statistics so she tends to measure and trend-track most anything she can think of.

Regarding weights: she weights herself everyday but never reacts to 'today's' weight. Instead she looks at her trend line that is based on the last 6 or last 12 months of data, and draws any conclusions from the direction of the trend line, NOT from that day's weight.

As a result, she always takes a long-term perspective. Something to think about :)


Yep, would agree with the friend on Heli. Weighing every day good for accountability and keeping to the straight and narrow but trends not snapshot are what counts.

Hope all going well but dont rush things, plenty of time to make a difference.

Lesley xx

janine aka slimmer bridezilla as once was

missing you - hope all's well


Hope everythihg is ok

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