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January 09, 2011



I can totally emphasise with your feelings if shame over the weightloss/weightgain. I’m exactly the same. I lost three and a half stone with Lighterlife, felt fabulous but eventually all the weight (+ some) came back on. I avoided going out and seeing the people I had when I had been thin. In the end I bit the bullet and started to see people again. I found that people were less judgemental and far more accepting of me than I was of myself.



Dear Mrs, I am dealing with the shame right now and not wanting to go to a wedding next week of friends I have not seen in a long while. It is really, really hard to not let it get the better of you. I wish I had the answer!

Right now I am just making the most of what I've got, making sure I put on my makeup and have clean clothes even if they are a bloody 18 or holy f*ck, a 20. All you can do is teeny, wee positive things for yourself and let the momentum slowly rebuild. I can't focus on Weight Loss as a mission, it's just a Treating Myself Better mission. That does in involve paying more attention to what I'm eating but it's not dieting. I've spent so long punishing myself about one thing or another that kindness has to come first. That's slowly leading to healthier decisions...

Wishing you lots and lots of good wishes and support.


Hi there Mrs. Good to see you back. The weight shame...well I suppose I deal with it by really concentrating on losing the weight again. Over Christmas I put weight on and really found it uncomfortable - unlike when I was truly big.

I do think people can be judgemental but I tend to think 'F-You I'm doing bloody well considering!'

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